THAI VISA – first things first

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Thai visa is very easy to get, it is available on arrival for Indians and for a few other countries as well. If you are eligible to get an on-arrival visa then read further.

You need the following things for the visa:
+ Confirmed accommodation 
+ Confirmed return flight tickets
+ 2 photographs (4cm x 6cm)
(Do not fotget pics as getting printouts of pics at airport is pretty expensive, 
approx 400rs)
Note: Visa on arrival is valid for 15days only.

Visa fees: Rs. 4000/ person (normal entry)
                  THB 2000/ person (normal entry)

Rs. 4400/ person (fast track) and it is actually fast.
THB 2200/person (fast track)
You will get the visa from Bangkok airport.
For other queries check out the Thai visa official site or feel free to leave your questions in the comment box..

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