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In case you missed the 1st part of the “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter” then quickly take a look and continue with the fun ride from here. The 1st part might have shown you a lot of magical things but now get ready for even better! I am sure you will be gladly surprised by one thing that’s coming up, it is unthinkable. Do me a favor, just write down in the comment box what you think the answer is and no cheating, please.

The forbidden forest takes you to the second section of the tour and it looks something like the following:

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Yes, you are right. It is the station to board Hogwarts Express. Get your luggage trolleys through the center of the wall and grab your seat. Here I go…

Once you are here, you can witness how the train shots in the movie were taken, rather better you can make your own shot movie clip, riding the express similarly how you can make a clip while riding the broom in part I of the post

Harry Potter Studios watford london
Harry Potter Studios
Harry Potter Studios

As I have mentioned before, all the things on display in this tour are actual props used in the movies. Once you are done making your movie in the express, you also get a chance to actually be on the train.


Remember when the chocolate frog flew out of the window in the 1st part of the series? Go back and check the scenes in the movie and you will find the exact stuff shown here. This also reminds me of another scene where the dementor enters the express and tries to suck the soul out of Harry in Part 4.

Right in front of this train is The Railway Shop where you can buy some souvenirs. There is another shop and a bigger one at the end of the tour but the stuff available here is not available in the other one so if you like something then buy it here. 

Right after this train station, you will enter an open ground where you will find Dursley’s house, the one in which all the letters by Hogwarts were flooded (part1 of the movie), the super fast Knight bus, the bridge where a lot of discussions have been done and much more. Have a look!

We don’t get the access to the knight bus but yes we do get the access to the Dursley’s. It is not the complete house but only the hall and the hallway. 

Do you remember this wooden bridge? Check out this link to recall when this bridge was used in the movie. This link will direct you to the Harry Potter wiki, not many people know that there is a Wikipedia available of more than 15000 pages that describe each and everything used in the movie. 

The tour doesn’t end here, there is more… Enter this hall to check out the creature effects used in the movie.

Dobby is one of the most loved characters of the series, in this section, you can be Dobby, just stand in front of the screen and do what you want Dobby to do. Move your legs, arms or dance. It is fun.

You even get to experience the Diagon alley, inspired by the real-life Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is the birthplace of HP, it is a magical place, no matter whether or not you are an HP fan, you will definitely love this place. You can check all about Edinburgh in the two parts of the post:  Amazing things to do in Edinburgh this season and Amazing things to do in Edinburgh this season part II.

This section also contains the paperwork used for planning the buildings and characters for the movie.

The Layout of Hogwarts - Studio Tour Harry Potter
The Layout of Hogwarts – Studio Tour Harry Potter

I know by now you must be kind of satisfied with the tour but this is when you enter the last section of the tour to see the unexpected. It is actually the wow factor of the tour. The huge Hogwarts model!

Check out this video to see the model.

This model marks a perfect end to the tour and to make your trip more memorable there is a souvenir shop. 


Don’t forget to collect your luggage from the counter. Once you exit the hall, wait for the bus and make your way from the Watford Junction. 

Learn some tips to save money on public transport in London

Watford Junction
Watford Junction

Not enough for you? You can get to know more about the Studios through this video. Check it out!


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Warner Bros Studios London - The Making of Harry Potter part II
Studio Tour Harry Potter

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