Complete Guide for an Amazing Singapore Trip

Singapore is the first holiday destination that comes to mind when you think of Asia, isn’t it? This guide will help you make your Singapore Trip memorable and efficient.


I have been to Singapore so many times but would still love to visit again. Singapore has all the things for a perfect holiday; amusement parks, shopping malls, beaches, pubs, and more. Even in 5 days, you will not be able to cover everything mentioned above.

This guide will discuss all the possible things about Singapore so that you can make your perfect Singapore itinerary.

Get excited to unravel this amazing country. Before you begin designing your itinerary, watch a glimpse of Singapore and give a mental aid to your reading.  


Let’s start at the very beginning, the airport, the Changi airport, awarded the world’s best airport for 5 consecutive years till 2017.

It has shops like Marc Jacob, Harrods, Charles and Keith, Major luxury brands, Victoria secret, and more. You can shop till you drop! It is complemented by a lot of greenery and some ocean life.

Changi Airport - Singapore
Changi Airport – Singapore

This Airport takes care of everything from Food to photo stations to foot massagers! Yes, they have foot massagers near the seatings. Very few airports in the world have those. So, when you are tired after shopping, you know where to go.

Jewel is an interconnected building to terminals. It is full of attractions and shopping opportunities. You can check-in to this building 24 hours prior to your flight. Don’t miss it! Take a look at Jewel here.

Jewel, Changi Airport
Jewel, Changi Airport

Read more about Changi Airport and ways to spend long halts here. Know all the important tips to utilize your time at the airport properly. 


Singapore Dollar, SGD
Singapore Dollar, SGD

1 SGD ~ 53 INR & 1USD ~ 1.36 SGD

Just make sure to spend all the coins before you leave Singapore because later you will not be able to exchange any, so it is better to spend it as soon as you get any.


Choosing a perfect hotel for your stay is all about the location and your budget. I always suggest to pick a location first and then look for the hotels under your budget. 

Pro tip: Always choose the hotel location as centre of the locations where you will be visiting. Like you want to spend all your holidays at Sentosa then no point booking a hotel at Orchid Road.

Decide your itinerary first and then pick your hotel. This way you will save time and traveling fare as well. If you still are not sure which one to book then leave it to experts, just mail us.   

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Beach Road

  This is almost a perfect hotel for your stay in Singapore. It is near the center of the city, all the key areas like Clarke, Garden by the bay are like 10 minutes away. MRT and Bus stops are 2 minutes away and taxis, just a tap away.

The suites are comfortable and the view from the swimming pool is awesome. The only thing that could be better was the breakfast. Check out the video of suite rooms at Pan Pacific Suites. Take a look inside the suite and one of the best views in the city.

The suites are almost like the Orchid Suites of Marina Bay Sands, at almost half the price of the latter plus it comes with a kitchen too! but it’s all about the location, isn’t it?  

Village Hotel Albert Court, Little India

Village Hotel Albert Court
Village Hotel Albert Court

If you want to have an Indian cuisine often then stay in or near little India because you will easily find Indian food here and the best exchange rate as well. There are a lot of Indian restaurants here, I mean really a lot of them and some gold shops as well.

Little India is like a suburban area, there are many many hotels here under various budgets. When you choose a hotel, keep a close eye on the room size & facilities because most hotels offer small rooms and not all hotel have swimming pool facilities.

Village Hotel is a good hotel here, the rooms are simple and the room size is decent. The breakfast is good and you can avail the breakfast in an Indian restaurant at the hotel as well, all you have to do is put a request for the same in advance.   

The ground floor of this hotel has some bars where you can enjoy a beer or two. Also, Bugis Street is nearby. You will read about it later in this article.

There is a chain of Park Hotel spread across Singapore and any one of them can be a good option for your holidays. I have had a good experience with PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road if we talk about rooms. Breakfast was not fine, not that great.

Mustafa is in this area, most of the people visiting Singapore definitely want to visit it for good electronics but mind you it is not that cheap as you might be expecting, it used to be cheap due to the low value of the Singapore dollar(SGD) but now the rates are on the higher side comparatively. If you still want to take a tour, it’s fine, just go ahead.  


Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bya Sands
Marina Bya Sands

Marina Bay is one of the most expensive locations in the city, you should stay here to catch the amazing city attractions.  You can easily find hotels or aparthotels here under varied budgets here.

All the luxury malls, famous Singapore attractions are nearby.  Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious hotel and one of the best in Singapore. It is connected to a luxury mall – the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, an MRT station, Garden by the Bay, the LV island, and the Helix Bridge leading to Merlion Park.

There are many types of rooms/suites in this hotel and the rates are proportional to the facilities. The room rates around approx Rs. 19000/night. You get free access to the Skypark and the Infinity Pool with room bookings.

The Skypark can be accessed by the tourists but the pool is only for the residing guests. Don’t forget to get your Sands membership card, you can enjoy some benefits with it. Even if you are not staying in this hotel then also you get this card made at the reception.

Advice: Decent hotels in Singapore are around Rs. 9000/night, including breakfast for two people. Make sure to check the room size prior to bookings. There are chances that you get some great deals on some good hotels, so always check the official hotel websites.  


Singapore Transport System

  Singapore local transport is very well connected. Taxi in Singapore is very easily available but is expensive as well. In case you are looking for some cheap mode of transport then you can easily rely on Singapore MRT and buses. These are really cheap, the fare varies from 0.80 SGD to 1.83 SGD.

There is an EZ link card and a Singapore tourist card for various travel needs. EZ link card is worth 5 SGD and then you can top up to travel in any transport like MRT, buses, taxi or even for shopping whereas Singapore tourist card is valid for 1, 2, or 3 days and cost 10$, 16$, and 20$ respectively for unlimited travel in MRT and buses, there are some exceptions as well.

Note: EZ link card helps in saving more than the tourist card. You can find all the information on Singapore transportation in detail here.


Like most people, if you also want to buy the latest TV or any electronic item at better prices then try Niranjan`s. It is nearby Mustafa. I also bought it from there, I found better prices here as compared to all the other stores. All shopkeepers mostly maintain a price list for the customers. They do bargain so try your luck.

DON`T FORGET TO TAKE VAT REFUND FROM THE AIRPORT! get the filled form from every shop from where you buy. All shops have a minimum shopping amount set after which they provide the form. You will have to ask the shopkeeper regarding this, as nobody will tell this to you on their own and you will also need your passport for this.

Read more travel tips so that you never miss any benefit you are entitled to, rather subscribe to stay updated. 



Tip: Before you read this section just keep in mind that it is not necessary to cover all the attractions on one trip, just choose some according to the time you have and leave the rest to become another reason for your next visit.

Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay, Singapore, Aerial view
Garden by the Bay, Singapore, Aerial view

This is one of the best attractions in Singapore. It is located in the best area of the city, Marina Bay and offers more than 20 attractions to the visitors.

You may not be a nature enthusiast but still you will love this place. Know why you must visit the place and what all you can skip.

Since there is so much to talk about this place, there is an entire post about it to help you decide if it your cup of tea or not.

Sentosa island (Madame Tussauds, Universal studios, Amusement park)


This is actually an island with multiple things to do, you can easily spend 2 days here. Even if you do, then also I can`t guarantee that you will cover the entire island. There are so many things for the tourists to do here:      

  • Madame Tussauds (3-4 hrs, depends on your capacity to click pictures :D)
  • Universal Studios (An entire day! I will talk about it later in this post)
  • Amusement park (An entire day!
  • Beach (As much time as you like)  

There are 3 ways to reach this island– by cable car, cab or by metro. You can choose your means. The cable car services can be temporarily shut down if the weather conditions are bad.

There are multiple hotels and resorts (near the beaches as well) where tourists can choose to stay. I did not stay here and chose to travel as and when I wanted to visit the attractions. I feel too many attractions daily kind of takes the fun out of it, so I prefer to mix it up a little with shopping, city tours, food, and other fun places.

So, I will suggest you choose one thing out of all, complete that and then come back after a few days. I chose the Amusement park first.

Now you can also get a virtual tour of Singapore and watch all the things to do in Singapore. Check it out now!


The best activity, I think, is the LUGE RIDE, I loved it… I wish I could do it again… It is like a cable car ride but in an open chair, it’s like you are hung high above only with a seat belt on a chair and you enjoy a beautiful view along. If you think it is over, it isn`t..the above-mentioned ride is only one way and on the return, you get to do go-kartinggg!!! The length is good, ensuring a wonderful ride…