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Phi-Phi island tour, Phuket
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It means greetings (like namaste in India). My Phuket trip was amazing, a good combination of beaches, snorkeling, and shopping. I had a wonderful time in Phuket and all my experience is listed in this article, you will find plenty of information like Brands to shop from, the best time to visit Phuket and things to do in Phuket. 
What To Expect From Phuket Trip
– Good beaches
– Good shopping experience
– Curvy roads
– Snorkeling
– Good Fruits

So if you want to do any of the above-mentioned things, bang on..catch a flight to Phuket quickly.

Before you do that check the visa requirements!

Things that you will read about in this article:

  • Where to stay in Phuket
  • Where to find the best currency exchange rates
  • Which brands to look for in  Phuket
  • Which attractions to see in Phuket
  • Malls and markets in Phuket
  • Hotel in Phuket
  • Temple in Phuket
  • Weather(The Best Time to Visit Phuket) and Time in Phuket
  • Where to go from Phuket

Best area to stay in Phuket

– Patong is a good area to stay in Phuket as it is close to the pier, shopping mall, Patong beach, restaurants, markets and much more. You will save traveling time if you stay here.
– You will find plenty of tuk-tuks, massage parlors, scooter rentals, bars and currency exchange in this area.

Attractions in Phuket

Phi Phi island, Phuket Trip
Phi Phi island, Phuket Trip

– Phi-Phi islands 

You must visit this island. My Phuket trip became memorable partially due to this tour. There are 2 ways through which we can go to Phi-Phi islands, by big boat or by speedboat.
+ Speedboat: It takes only 50 mins to reach Phi-Phi islands.
+ Big boat: It takes 2 hours but you can roam around the entire ship, enjoy the sea view and take a lot of pictures plus you get access to the top deck. Looking at the water while aboard acted as a good source of alpha waves to me.
Big boat, Phuket Trip
Big boat, Phuket Trip
This boat allows you to cherish different seating classes. I will strongly recommend you to choose the gold class for an extra 700 Baht. It gives you access to a massage chair, unlimited drinks, food and a wonderful view with access to open deck (top floor).

Access to top deck is most important, I feel this because it gives access to a mesmerizing view.

Big boat to Phi-Phi island, Phuket Trip
Big boat to Phi-Phi island, Phuket Trip
Big boat top deck, My time in Phuket
Big boat top deck, My time in Phuket
BOTTOM LINE: Choose gold class offered by the big boat.
For snorkeling, you pay an extra 400 baht. Don’t forget to carry extra clothes, a towel, sunglasses and a lot of sunscreen.

Snorkeling is floating on water with your face downwards to look at the sea life. You get to see amazing fishes like Nemo. It is an amazing experience, it is not a problem if you don’t know how to swim. 

– Karon viewpoint

This place helps you to look at 3 beaches at once, nice isn’t it? If you have some extra time you can visit this place.

entrance to Karon View Point, Phuket trip
Entrance to Karon View Point, Phuket trip

Karon View Point, Phuket trip
Karon View Point, Phuket trip

Phang Nga Bay (James bond island)

It is a similar trip to Phi-Phi islands, It takes 8 hrs to complete this trip. I took the Phi – Phi island tour so I didn’t feel like taking this tour.
This tour will also be eye candy. If you are a beach enthusiast then you must visit both the beaches (Phi-Phi and James Bond). This island became famous after featuring into a few movies.
– Big Buddha
This place is 50 mins away from Patong. You will find a big Buddha statue here surrounded by some souvenir shops and food stalls.
Malls and markets in Phuket

Jungceylon Mall

Jungceylon Mall, Patong, My time in Phuket
Jungceylon Mall, Patong

(must visit, if shopping is your thing)

It is near Patong and the Bangla road, you will find many food joints like pizza hut, Swensen’s (yum!) here along with budget and luxury brands.

There is a supermarket called BIG C here, you can find all kind of things inside, from dog food to cosmetics to trolley bags and more.

There is a fountain show that takes place in the evening in the center of the mall, it is similar to the Wings of time show (Singapore), but a shorter version.

There are 2 street markets nearby this mall, Chillva and Banzaan market. Chillva market is better. A lot of Indian and other cuisine restaurants are also available within and nearby the mall. Finding Tuk-tuks is also very easy near the mall.

– Central festival 
Central Festival Mall, Phuket
Central Festival Mall, Phuket

I quite liked the entrance, being to a restroom seemed really nice. If you are looking for brands like H n M, Mac, Mango etc. you will find it in this mall and not in the above-mentioned one.

You will also find techy stuff here. If you want to look at different kind of technologies available in Thailand, go for it.

Here is a Chocolate stall as well, I forgot the name but I’ll find out soon. It offered a teddy bear shaped chocolate and it was yum! It is on the 2nd floor nearby currency exchange shops. I do have a photograph for you!

Central Festival Mall, Phuket
Central Festival Mall, Phuket

Yes, the Second floor offers 3 to 4 different bank options to exchange currency.

This mall also has Movenpick stall, so does the above-mentioned mall, I love this company’s ice-cream. If you want to have ice-cream, you can buy it either from Movenpick or Swensen’s (chewy chocolate flavor). (this brand is not available in India.)

This mall runs different offers from time to time so do check it out from the information desk, you might fetch some extra discounts. Tourist definitely gets an extra discount on showing their passports, after shopping above the specified amount, usually, it is 2000 Baht.

There are no luxury brands in this mall. Finding Tuk-tuk back to your hotel is difficult from here, you will have to book a cab, which is available outside the mall every time. They will charge approx 350 Baht to Bangla road.

– Chillva market – opposite Jungceylon mall

Both images are of Chillva market, here you can find many accessories, clothes, and food. Do visit, it is a lively place with some cute and funky things.

Chilva Market, Phuket Trip
Chilva Market, Phuket Trip
Chilva Market, Phuket Trip
Chilva Market, Phuket Trip
Shopping Tips
Moshi moshi entrance, Phuket Trip
Moshi Moshi entrance, Phuket Trip

Brands to look for in Phuket:

– Charles n Keith (Central festival and Jungceylon mall)
– Mango (Central festival mall)
– MAC (Central festival mall)
– COACH (Jungceylon)
– Moshi Moshi (Jungceylon)

(all the brands mentioned above costs better here as compared to many states )

You will find a lot of useful and quality products at nominal prices in Moshi Moshi, it is equivalent to Mini so, Beijing (now also in Delhi). It is a huge store and you should visit it.

– HnM is costly in Phuket 

Don’t forget to take FORM PP10 from shops after shopping, to get a VAT refund at the airport. Usually, shops have set a minimum amount that one must spend to get a VAT refund.

You will need your passport number to complete the above-mentioned form. So carry the passport or its copy along with you.


Best place to exchange currency

Currency exchange near Jungceylon mall, almost opposite the big gate of Patong beach and BI SOUVENIR shop.  I don’t remember the name of the shop. 
Hotel in Phuket
Sun sea sand and spa hotel, Chilva Market, Phuket Trip
Sun sea sand and spa hotel, Chilva Market, Phuket Trip

I stayed at Sea sun sand resort & spa and I booked a pool access room. I was happy with the hotel and the room. Just the service was a little slow but I loved the room and the private pool.

It is in Patong. This is the entrance to my private pool 😀

Temples in Phuket

In Thailand, people call it WAT and they place their respective temples outside their houses like in this image.

Temples, Phuket Trip
Temples, Phuket Trip
I went to one of the famous temples in Phuket, this image is of Pagoda, a place with a hall full of Buddha statues.
Temples, Phuket Trip
Temples, Phuket Trip


Visitors can visit this place and click as many pictures as they want, a temple for localities to worship is just near Pagoda. Both the places are separated to avoid any interruptions during prayers.

This temple reminds me of a beautiful temple in Busan, Korea – Haedong Yonggungsa. Know more about it here

Weather and Time in Phuket

  • Rainy season – June to October
  • Dry and peak tourist season – December to March

One month before and after the dry season is less crowded and comparatively dry. So if you don’t like much crowd then prefer November or April or May for your trip. This will the best time for your Phuket trip.

Phuket is GMT+7, that means Phuket is 1:30 hrs ahead of India(GMT+5.5).


Where to go from Phuket

There are many places to choose in Thailand for your trip and as I always say visit atleast two cities on a trip. You can check the following posts before you make your decision.

And, before I say bye I would like to help you further through the following blog. You are welcome!

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  1. Informative post on Phuket. I have been to Thailand many times now but have not made it to Phuket yet. But your article has made me decide to check it out on my next trip in 2019. Thanks for info on where to go and see.


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