Make Your Singapore Trip Memorable

Singapore, 1st-holiday destination that comes to mind when you think of Asia..isn`t it? This guide will help you make your Singapore Trip memorable…


(All the photographs are clicked by me! πŸ˜€ except the Sentosa map and Luge ride)
I have been to Singapore so many times and would still love to visit again..
You will find all the things here which are required for a perfect holiday; amusement parks, shopping malls, beaches, pubs etc..
Even in 5 days, you will not be able to cover everything mentioned above.. so get excited to unravel this amazing country..

Changi Airport - Singapore Tour Guide
Changi Airport – Singapore Trip
Changi Airport - Singapore Tour Guide
Changi Airport – Singapore


Let`s start at the very beginning, the airport, the Changi airport, awarded the world`s best airport for 5 consecutive years till 2017 and it`s worth it, believe you me.
With shops like Marc Jacob, Harrods, Charles n Kieth, Major luxury brands, Victoria secret etc, you can shop till you drop!
It is complemented by a lot of greenery and ocean life.

Changi Airport - Singapore
Changi Airport – Singapore

This Airport takes care of everything from Food to photo stations to foot massagers! Yes, they have foot massagers near the seatings.

Very few airports in the world have those. So when you are tired after shopping, you know where to go.

If you are only at the airport for transit then do buy things from Charles n Keith, Perfumes from Victoria secret and Chocolates like Rafaellos and Lindt from the airport.
If you are heading to Europe then don`t buy perfumes and chocolates, just Charles n Keith.

Tips: The security check is near the gates, after the duty-free shops. There are no food outlets or washrooms after the security check. If you are a vegetarian then you will have a hard time finding some egg-less stuff, the vegetarian food is available on the 1st floor. 



Just make sure to spend all the coins because later you will not be able to exchange any, so it is better to spend it as soon as you get some.


– If you are an Indian then stay in or near little India because you will easily find Indian food here and the best exchange rate. There are a lot of Indian restaurants here, I mean really a lot of them and some gold shops as well.

Mustafa is in this area, most of the people visiting Singapore definitely want to visit it for good electronics but mind you it is not that cheap as you might be expecting, it used to be cheap due to the low value of the Singapore dollar(SGD) but now the rates are on the higher side comparatively. If you still want to take a tour, it`s fine just go ahead. When you choose a hotel, keep a close eye on the room size because most hotels offer small rooms.
– Marina Bay is one of the expensive locations in the city, you should stay here to catch the amazing city view. You can easily find hotels or aparthotels here under varied budgets. It is a good idea to stay near the area where you will be visiting the most or the centre area so you spend less time in commuting between locations.
– Taxi in Singapore is very easily available but is expensive as well. In case you are looking for some cheap mode of transport then you can easily rely on MRT and buses. These are really cheap and charge you on the basis of the distance travelled. The fare very from 0.80 SGD to 1.83 SGD. There is a EZ link card and a Singapore tourist card for various travel needs. EZ link card is worth 5 SGD and then you can top up to travel in any transport like MRT, buses, taxi or even for shopping whereas Singapore tourist card is valid for 1, 2, or 3 days and cost 10$, 16$, and 20$ respectively for unlimited travel in MRT and buses, there are some exceptions as well. EZ link card helps in saving more than the tourist card.


Like most people, if you also want to buy the latest TV or any electronic item at better prices then try Niranjan`s. It is nearby Mustafa. I also bought it from there, I found better prices here as compared to all the other stores. All shopkeepers mostly maintain a price list for the customers. They do bargain so try your luck.
DON`T FORGET TO TAKE VAT REFUND FROM THE AIRPORT! get the filled form from every shop from where you buy. All shops have a minimum shopping amount set after which they provide the form. You will have to ask the shopkeeper regarding this, as nobody will tell this to you on their own and you will also need your passport for this.


1) Sentosa island (Madame tussauds, Universal studios, Amusement park)

Sentosa map, Singapore
Sentosa map, Singapore Trip

     This is actually an island with multiple things to do, you can easily spend 2 days here. Even if you do, then also I can`t guarantee that you will cover the entire island. There are following things to do here:

Madame Tussauds (3-4 hrs, depends on your capacity to click pictures :D)
Universal Studios (An entire day! I will talk about it later in this post)
Amusement park (An entire day!
– Beach (As much time as you like)   
There are 3 ways to reach this island– by cable car, car or by metro. You can choose your means. The cable car services can be temporarily shut down if the weather conditions are bad.
There are multiple hotels n resorts (near beaches as well) where you can choose to stay. I did not stay here and chose to travel as and when I wanted to visit the attractions.
I feel too many attractions daily kinda takes the fun out of it, so I prefer to mix it up a little with shopping, city tours, food and other fun places. So I will suggest you choose one thing out of all, complete that and then come back after a few days.
I chose Amusement park first and I could not do all the activities in one day, πŸ™ but no worries, I really enjoyed.


The best activity, I think, is the LUGE RIDE, I loved it.. I wish I could do it again.. It is like a cable car ride but in an open chair, it`s like you are hung high above only with a seat belt on a chair and you enjoy a beautiful view along. If you think it is over, it isn`t..the above-mentioned ride is only one way and on the return, you get to do go-karinggg!!! The length is good, ensuring a wonderful ride..

Luge ride + Go karting, Sentosa, Singapore
Luge ride, Sentosa, Singapore Tips

In the evening, you can enjoy the wings of time show and you must. Don`t forget to carry the guide and the map along with you. You can get it at the entrance or the information. This will make sure that you do not miss any attraction.I strongly sug you to spare 5 mins in the beginning after getting the map and the guide, take a look at it and plan your entire day at the park. It is important otherwise you will not be able to catch things that you really want to.

Dolphin show, Sentosa, Singapore Tour Guide Tips
Dolphin show, Sentosa, Singapore

The above-mentioned show is beautiful, one of it`s kind. This was the first time I saw something like this. They use lights to project pictures on water and narrate a story using it. There is a “Dolphin and seals” show as well, if you haven`t seen any such show before then you must see here. It is a very good show, I think the best show as compared to many ΓΆther similar shows in Asia. This park has also maintained a water park surrounded by ocean world, water rides and snack junctions. The fries were really yummy.

You can look at the amazing Octopus and fascinating Jellyfishes..
I clicked both the pics, aren`t these amazing! ;p . You can also enjoy underwater world and a 4D show here.


All the beaches are near Sentosa


It is a beautiful beach and has a suspension bridge, just like one in the Pirates of the Carribean movie.





I couldn`t cover Universal studios on my first visit as I was busy covering the malls ;P but I made a point to cover it during the second trip.

 It also has a casino near the studio entrance, near a big Hershey`s store (yum!), if you wanna play then do carry your original passport.


Universal studios is like Disneyland and different from the above-mentioned amusement park. Here you will find famous characters with whom you can get clicked like I did! There are 7 parks, each with their respective restaurants and merchandise shops. All parks have theme-based restaurants, needless to mention but still. There are always long queues for all the attractions and even the photographs, so reach the entrance before time to stay in the front. The 3D transformer show was great, all the rides are fun-filled n thrilling. Not for weak hearted people.I didn’t find Oscar`s grouchmas show that great, you can skip it if you are not one of its fans.


Lights, camera, action is one of the shows, it shows how effects are put into a movie scene. It was wonderful and should not be missed. There is one Akshay Kumar movie, Kambakkht Ishq, in which he plays a role of a stuntman. One of the scenes shows him riding a water bike and fighting with gangsters.
That entire sequence was shot here and you can watch it again, live. Name of the show is Waterworld.
Sit in the front row if you want to get wet! Donkey Live is more for kids but you can watch it if you have time, like after taking all the rides. A talking Donkey`s movie is put on the projector and someone speaks from the back. Street shows are many in this studio, all are good. In short, the place is wonderful n you must visit this to enjoy your life to the fullest n also to capture your childhood.

2) Singapore Flyer

Singapore Tour Guide Tips
Singapore Flyer, Singapore Trip
You can even call it the Singapore eye but it is famous as the flyer, it is a good experience and this place consists of other activities as well. Like an XD show, a virtual plane flying etc..
XD show is like a normal 4D show and Virtual flying was too expensive. In the 2nd image, you can see the tube in which people stay during the ride, the view up top is amazing, you will enjoy.


Shake from Juiceland, Singapore Flyer
Shake from Juiceland, Singapore Flyer
The best part of this is the in the 3rd image, the juice land stall, lol… I don`t know why but I feel that this place offers the best mango juice. People told me that it is same everywhere but I disagree. I loved the juice.
Singapore flyer's cabin
Singapore flyer’s cabin, Singapore Trip
JUiceland, Singapore flyer
Juiceland, Singapore flyer


You sit in an open cart, along cart, and get a ride all along the jungle. It lasts for approx 45 mins.

Night Safari, Singapore Tour Guide
Night Safari, Singapore Trip

Be prepared for standing in a long queue, carry something to eat while waiting in the queue. I was starving and couldn’t leave the line. You will not be able to click good pictures due to less light. Flash photography is not permitted. You know what, it is far better to enjoy the trip and stay least bothered about the pictures. You should click pictures if the time permits, otherwise just capture the memories in your mind. So that when you look back, you don`t regret wasting time in fixing the camera settings and missing the ride.

After the ride, you get to see a fire show. This safari is okay, it will be a good experience if you haven’t been on any.


Science center, Singapore
Science center, Things to do in Singapore

There is a museum near Marina bay sands where you can find some props from the series. I have heard mixed reviews about this place. Unfortunately, I couldn`t visit this place. All I know is that you will get to see only some props here and not any characters from the movie.

But don`t worry, there are other harry potter exhibitions that keep on taking place off n on, so keep an eye on it close to your trip. Just keep googlinggg…



– It is the party hub of Singapore, a perfect place for all the people who love to dance, listen to music n booze. There are many concept bars here and ZOUK is most famous out of all.
It is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 2200 hrs onwards. It is a huge bar, rest you will fall in love with the riverside once you reach there.


– Charles n Keith (Almost every outlet have some different varieties)
– Aldo
– Mango


Finally this section,

1) Bugis street

If you love shopping, you belong to this place. It is a huge shopping area and is nearby Little India. You will get all kind of stuff here and at dirt cheap prices. You can buy gifts and souvenirs from here.
There is also a mall here, Bugis junction, you will find brands like Mango, Charles n Keith etc. So you get all kind of stuff to shop, branded n local.

2) Marina Bay Sands

This is the prime area of Singapore, Marina Bay is a hotel, shopping mall, and a casino. It is huge and consists of almost everything, even a gondola ride.
If you are interested in Casino then don`t forget to carry your passport (original). You will find all kinds of shops here from high-end brands to regular brands.
There is a huge food court at the end of the mall along with some chocolate and grocery shops.
Near the food court, you will find an exit from the mall and that will lead to the entrance of Museum, the one that I talked about above.

3) China Market

It is a cheap market and you can get small things here like keychains n magnets. Nothing special, everything here is available in Bugis street.

Singapore is full of malls and with almost similar brands, you can visit the following malls
– City square (oppo Mustafa, Charles n Keith here has a good variety)
– Raffles City
– Park Mall and the one oppo it (Orchard road)

Orchard road has plenty of malls, Paragon mall is nice, you can visit any but you will get almost everything mentioned in the above 2 markets (1 & 2 points)


1) Jungle Tandoor (Little India)

This place serves good Indian food and has a jungle ambiance.

2) Toast box (Bugis street & airport)


Toast Box, Singapore
Toast Box, Singapore Trip


They serve really good slices of bread, just read the menu carefully and then order. The person taking the order might not understand if you say you want vegetarian food. Show them the menu and then ask for what you want.

If you can’t find veg food then simply order bread and butter.

Till now must have understood that there are so many things to do in Singapore that the more days you spend here the better it is. 


There are only two seasons in Singapore, wet and dry. The dry season is from March to August and the wet season is from September to February. So it will be a good idea to carry an umbrella with you. 

February to April is mostly pleasant while you will notice a lot of tourists during June and July. November to January are the wettest months.  


Before I say bye I would like to help you further through the following blog. You are welcome!
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