Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

“It would take you nearly eight years to watch every performance at
the Fringe.”
Laughter, dance, music, creativity, opera, exhibitions, and much more – The Edinburgh Fringe Festival gives you a variety of worldly experiences and exceptional performances done by artists from all across the globe.
Every year more than 2 million people travel to Edinburgh to witness the vibrant month of August. It would not be wrong to say that you will lose track of time and hunger. Even at 3 am in the morning you will look forward to next performance.
It starts with a bang and ends with fireworks. The actual dilemma is to choose the best time to visit during this month. We dare you!

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival made its debut in 1947 with 8 groups of performers who landed in Edinburgh to represent their talents during the first year of Edinburgh International Festival.
The uninvited eight groups never knew that their urge to showcase their talent would gift the world with such an amazing festival like Fringe. It is world’s third largest event after Olympics and World cup, judging by the number of tickets sold in 2017.  
The groups that ignited the fire in 1947 were:
– Glasgow Unity Theatre,
– Christine Orr Players of Edinburgh,
– Edinburgh Peoples’ Theatre,
– Edinburgh District Community Drama Association,
– Pilgrim Players,
– Edinburgh College of Art Theatre Group, and
– Manchester Marionette Theatre
Edinburghers are supportive and encouraging. Their focus is to live and let others live. They will always guide you in the right direction and towards good offers. When we say Fringe is for everyone then we literally mean it. There are many shows daily which are free, there is no stop to having fun even if you are short on cash.
In the end of shows, a cap is rotated to collect tips/appreciation but even a “Thank You” is sufficient if you don’t tip.

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Famous shows

Ten years down the line (1958) saw the recognition of Festival Fringe Society, thanks to the success and craze of artists who kept coming ever since 1947. Every year the shows are different but there are certain shows which you can expect to watch every year…

Addams Family show

Addams Family show
The Addams family are a fictional family consisting of husband and wife Morticia and Gomez, children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama and family butler Lurch. The family appear as the ideal 20th Century homeowners but they are not aware they are also incredibly frightening as they find joy in everything gruesome and ghastly. In the musical, this takes a twist, as Wednesday falls hopelessly in love and becomes… happy? This had the audience’s ribs tickled as stereotypically moody Wednesday appeared as a young angsty teenager. 

Cirque Berserk

Cirque Berserk
It is Britain’s biggest circus, a great experience for all age groups. The intensity of the jaw dropping stunts have increased with the performing years. This show takes place in multiple cities around the year. There are certain things about the show which invites mixed reactions like the Robot, some people find it interesting and some fail to understand its presence. You will also find comic elements in this show by a character Tweedy, do let us know how much did you admire it.

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Tip: If you have no fixed plans for the day and you are open to check out any variety that Fringe has to offer then visit the Virgin Money Half-Price Hut, it offers different shows daily on half prices.

Comedy Shows

Foxdog Studios: Tomorrow’s Office
Foxdog Studios: Tomorrow’s Office – These are two of the popular performers who have bagged a Feature in WIRED Magazine, award for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival, the Chortle Award for Innovation and two Malcolm Hardee Awards. You can find more about this duo, Lloyd and Pete on facebook.
Fringe is famous for its comedy shows. Every year new talent rocks the stage along with legends. Check out this list of 12 best comedy shows to expect during the fest.
Checkout 12 best shows of 2019 at the fest.
Tip: Don’t make the mistake of only hanging around the Royal Mile only, the main cobbled street in the centre of Edinburgh. The performances are spread across the city. Never stop exploring.

Fringe in 2020?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Unfortunately, the festival in August 2020 has been cancelled due to coronavirus but you can still enjoy some shows online! Edinburgh Fringe Festival is becoming virtual this year.
Fringe on a Friday will make each Friday night happening in August as you would be able to enjoy 1 hour of “best of festival” across all variety. Audiobook will feature standup comedies, storytelling and more. Also, an online series is being filmed. You can catch all the updates here.

rules of fringe

The Fringe Society is a registered charity which relies on both the support of sponsors and partners and the generosity of our Angels, Patrons, Friends and supporters.
Anyone can perform during the festival provided a venue is ready to host them. No other permission is required. Participate here.
Tip: While it’s impossible to see every show at the Fringe, the Fringe App can help you find out your desired kind of shows. The app would be really helpful during your visit. It will help you with the offers as well.

More festivals in Edinburgh

Fringe-goers can also enjoy other amazing festivals like Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh Art Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has made its mark in over 70 years. It is one of the best ways to indulge in Scottish culture and unity. It helps in bringing together the military and civilians. You can catch the entire event on BBC but it is not even close to the actual experience. Know more about the dates.
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Q: How long does the Edinburgh Fringe last?
A: 25 days

Q: What are the dates of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020?
A: 7th – 31st August but it has been cancelled but some events would be available virtually

Q: How do you participate in Edinburgh Fringe?
A: Participate here

Q: What happens at the Edinburgh Fringe?

A: Various kind of performances across genres like comedy, storytelling, musicals, circus and much more. Know more.

Q: How much does the show tickets cost at Edinburgh Fringe?
A: From nothing to 35 Pounds. Don’t miss the daily offers.

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