World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day 2020

World Tourism Day 2020 Travel expands the horizons of personality and knowledge. It inculcates appreciation for the cultures, diversity, and promotes good mental health. There are numerous proven benefits of traveling. Each of us have our bucket list, which destination are you eyeing on the most? Lauterbrunnen? Travel industry is down the hill in 2020. Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise and the hardest hit industry is the Travel ...
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Onam - National Festival of India

ONAM – National Festival of Kerala

Onam 2020 Hail to the great King Mahabali as Onam is here. In 2020, Onam is being celebrated from 22 August to 2nd September. What is Onam Onam is the national festival of Kerala which lasts for 10 days between August and September. Onam or aka Thiruvonam is celebrated across the world, majorly by Malayalees. This festival marks the short return of the kind King Mahabali to Earth. Why is ...
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Tomatina, Bunol

La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain – Your Cup of Tea?

Even you think that La Tomatina has gained more popularity in India after featuring in "Zindagi Naa Milegi Dubara" (Bollywood movie)? Painting the town red certainly came on almost every traveller's bucket list after the movie, but is the fest as glorious as it seems in the movie? Would you enjoy this fest or would you become uncomfortable? Let's find out! Source: La Tomatina, the Tomato Fight, lasts for 1 ...
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Singapore National Day

National Day of Singapore

"We have to stand together and send a very strong message as Singaporeans that no matter what comes, rain or shine, virus or no virus, that our resolve to celebrate our national day as one nation, our resolve to overcome our difficulties … that’s what National Day means. That’s what it has meant ever since our independence 55 years ago." -- Ng Eng HenDefence Minister, Sg "We wanted to relate ...
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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

"It would take you nearly eight years to watch every performance at the Fringe."   Laughter, dance, music, creativity, opera, exhibitions, and much more - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival gives you a variety of worldly experiences and exceptional performances done by artists from all across the globe.   Every year more than 2 million people travel to Edinburgh to witness the vibrant month of August. It would not be wrong ...
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Hagia Sophia - reversion

Hagia Sophia – Reversion, Reaction, and controversies

Hagia Sophia - Reversion Hagia Sophia has a huge & complex history spread across the years. It all started in 537 AD, when it was built under the direction of Roman emperor as a cathedral, now 15 centuries later, in 2020, it is being converted back to a mosque from a museum. This epitome of Byzantine architecture has survived earthquakes, reconstructions, transformations, and so much more. This time entire world is ...
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San Vino Wine Fight

Wine Fight, Haro – Spain

Red Wine San Vino Wine Fight, aka La Batalla de Vino de Haro(Battle of Wine), is a Spanish fiesta where you just don't drink your favourite wine but you also play and bath with 500 litres of red wine! This crazy battle takes place every year on June 29th in Haro, a small town in Spain in the heart of La Rioja, famous for yielding red wine. La Rioja is ...
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