Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

"It would take you nearly eight years to watch every performance at the Fringe." Laughter, dance, music, creativity, opera, exhibitions, and much more - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival gives you a variety of worldly experiences and exceptional performances done by artists from all across the globe. Every year more than 2 million people travel to Edinburgh to witness the vibrant month of August. It would not be wrong to say ...
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Hagia Sophia - reversion

Hagia Sophia – Reversion, Reaction, and controversies

Hagia Sophia - Reversion Hagia Sophia has a huge & complex history spread across the years. It all started in 537 AD, when it was built under the direction of Roman emperor as a cathedral, now 15 centuries later, in 2020, it is being converted back to a mosque from a museum. This epitome of Byzantine architecture has survived earthquakes, reconstructions, transformations, and so much more. This time entire world is ...
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San Vino Wine Fight

Wine Fight, Haro – Spain

Red Wine San Vino Wine Fight, aka La Batalla de Vino de Haro(Battle of Wine), is a Spanish fiesta where you just don't drink your favourite wine but you also play and bath with 500 litres of red wine! This crazy battle takes place every year on June 29th in Haro, a small town in Spain in the heart of La Rioja, famous for yielding red wine. La Rioja is ...
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Mayan Calendar - Prophecies & more

Mayan Calendar – Prophecies & More

Mayan calendar is the most hyped calendar in decades. It has been in headlines since ages due to its controversial predictions about the end of the world, its insane accuracy of a few predictions, but were all them right? How were the accuracies confirmed? Let's dive in and find out more... El Castillo Is Mayan calendar actually a calendar? Like the ones on our tables? No, it isn't. It is ...
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World Chocolate Day'20 - LivetoTravel

World Chocolate Day 2020 – Fun Facts & Recipes

Did You Know: "The Olmecs used the cacao plant for religious rituals and medicinal purposes" Mayan art 7th of July is observed as World Chocolate Day around the world. It is believed that the Olmec civilization (first major Mesoamerica civilization in Mexico) was among the first to cultivate Cacao beans around 1750 BC. The Mayans called cocoa, a bitter drink the “food of the gods.” "For the Mayans and Aztecs, ...
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International Yoga Day

6th International Yoga Day

India has made significant contributions to the world in various fields and one contribution that tops the list is Yoga, teaching world a way of healthy lifestyle. 21st June is observed as International Day of Yoga (IDY) all around the world since 2015. This year, in 2020, the world celebrates the 6th International Yoga Day. Amid this pandemic, the world is looking for ways to protect themselves and their families, what ...
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Colonisation of Mars

Are we ready to colonize Mars?

By 2030, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) wants to send humans to Mars. SpaceX's aspirational goal since 2017 has been to land the first group of human on Mars by 2024. So a million people by 2050?— Pranshu_Ag 🔥👊 (@PRANSHUAGARWA13) January 17, 2020 But, are we ready? to set a foot on a planet where no human has set a foot before? Many landers & rovers have explored ...
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