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Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is a paradise for people who love shopping!

Shopping and Bangkok seem synonymous to my mind. You will find the trendiest stuff here at dirt cheap prices. Not only shopping but the nightlife is also exciting here.

You will only be missing a beach in the city but you can enjoy some time at the beach by traveling a few hours away from the city. So, it will a good idea to travel to Bangkok and some nearby island together in order to enjoy both kinds of atmosphere – City life and beach fun.

Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Bangkok - Bangkok Tour Guide
Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Bangkok – Bangkok Tour Guide

I am listing a few nearby islands here for you:

  • Bangkok to Pattaya – 2 hours (by car)
  • Bangkok to Phuket – 1 hour 30 mins (by flight)
  • Bangkok to Krabi – 1 hour 20 mins (by flight)
  • Bangkok to Hua Hin – 2 hours 30 mins (by car)
  • Bangkok to Koh Samui – 1 hour 10 mins (by flight)

By now you must have realized that Thailand is full of options and only you should have the spirit of an explorer.

You must visit at least one of the above-mentioned islands. You can also enjoy activities like snorkeling, rock climbing and more once you are at the beach.

There are so many amazing things to do in Bangkok, it is a land of opportunities for travelers, so pack your bags and come along!

Make sure you have all the documents for Thailand visa, here is a checklist.

Things that you will read about in Bangkok Tour Guide:

  • Currency of Bangkok 
  • Shopping in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Attractions
  • Nightlife in Bangkok
  • Indian Restaurants in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Hotels
  • Transportation in Bangkok 
  • Flights to Bangkok
  • Bangkok Airport
  • Weather in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Time

 Currency of Bangkok

1 Thai Baht (THB) ~ 2.20 Indian Rupees (INR)

Thailand Currency - Thai Baht
Thailand Currency – Thai Baht

Read “Travel Tips” before your next trip!

Shopping in Bangkok

I will be talking a lot about shopping in this post, so I think it is better to cover it first.

This city is famous for street markets, night markets, and day markets. You will get all the trendy and quality stuff from the streets. I find it better to buy things that are not easily available in your homeland or are cheaper comparatively. So let’s dive in!


1.Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Mall, Amazing Things to do in Bangkok
Platinum Mall, Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

It is a huge mall consisting of 6 floors, divided into 2 buildings and 3 zones. It will take you at least 5 – 6 hours to cover the mall.

One building consists of zone 3 and the other building (shown in the above picture) consists of the rest of the two zones. That’s not it, on the 5th floor of zone 3 you will find the entrance to the Novotel hotel.

Novotel Bangkok - Bangkok Tour Guide
Novotel – Bangkok Tour Guide

6th floor of zone 2(or 1) is a big food court that has a variety of non-vegetarian food (meat). You will also find a fruit shop here ( if you are looking for vegetarian food).

The other half of this floor is occupied by stalls of cosmetics, electronics, and other accessories.

Platinum Mall Food Court, Bangkok Tour Guide
Platinum Mall Food Court, Bangkok Tour Guide

Rest of the mall is full of all the things that any girl could ask for, whether it be a handbag, pair of footwear, cosmetics, clothes, jewelry or a phone cover. This mall has it all.

Out of the two buildings of 5 floors each, 4 floors are dedicated to women and just 1 floor is for men and children! haha. Check out the floor plan for all the zones below and you will better understand what I said so far.

Platinum Mall Bangkok -Floor Plan -Bangkok Tour Guide -Amazing Things to do in Bangkok
Platinum Mall -Floor Plan -Bangkok Tour Guide -Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

Zone 3 is comparatively smaller than other zones. You can buy bags and footwear here. A few years back, you could find copies of handbags from luxury brands as well but not now.

Everything in this entire mall is available at cheap prices and is mostly of decent quality. You will find so much variety that you will be overwhelmed.

The only thing that is missing from this mall is the XL size clothes for women. You must know, you will not be allowed to try clothes or exchange them.


There is a variety of iPhone covers and a few others as well. If you love Jewellery then you will find a lot of it here that too at wholesale prices! You should bargain a little but not much as the shopkeepers get pissed off easily.

There is a stall on the 1st floor where bedsheets are sold, the quality of the sheets is fine but the rates are unbeatable. Note the fabric is not cotton and mostly sheets are in a single color, without prints on it. Only the pillow covers are printed. The packaging shows only the printed pillow covers so there are chances that you expect something else.


The shops inside the mall close around 5:30 pm and the same shopkeepers put up their stalls on the street right outside the mall after 5:30 pm.

There they offer the same products at further cheaper rates! so you can find handbags and footwear at little better prices but other products like jewelry and phone covers are offered at the same prices.

Bottom line: You must visit this mall.

When you get out of the mall, you will see my favorite Swensen’s ice-cream parlour! It is on the 1st floor, which is also the entrance to the mall (It is the part of the mall) Do have some ice-cream (I had my favourite Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream).

Swensen's Ice Cream Parlour
Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlour
Sticky Chewy Chocolate - Swensen
Sticky Chewy Chocolate – Swensen

Tip: Please double check your bill as sometimes the staff charges you for the other expensive ice-creams.


2. The Street Market Outside Palladium IT mall

Palladium night market - Shopping in Bangkok
Palladium night market – Shopping in Bangkok – Bangkok Tour Guide

The market starts around 6 pm and stays open till late at night. It is only a few steps away from the Platinum mall.

This market has some good stuff, which is not available in the above-mentioned mall like name-plates for your house, I simply loved these. You must grab one for yourself, do bargain a little.

The quality of wallets isn’t great so avoid buying it. The make-up products are super cheap, for example, MAC lipstick is for 80 baht! Yes, you are thinking right, it is an A-copy so don’t buy it. Rather I would not suggest you buy any cosmetics from such stalls in Bangkok. Don’t take a risk with your skin but you should buy make-up brushes for sure.

You will also find O.P.I nail paints everywhere but again, don’t fall for it, those are original looking fake products. If you want to know how fake it is, then look at the bottom of the nail paint and check the sticker.

If you want to buy some electronics then do check it before buying. If it is not expensive and you can risk that money then it is okay.

Buy electronics from shops like Moshi-Moshi (or similar) which is on the 5th floor of the Platinum mall. In such shops, you at least have brand confidence.

3. Indra Square

Indra Market Bangkok, Indra Square
Indra Market, Indra Square

You are going to find a lot of Indians here, I mean really a lot! This is a hotel plus a market. All the shopkeepers inside understand Hindi(Indian language) so don’t think that they will not understand when you discuss bargains in Hindi with each other(if you are Indian).

You will find super cheap stuff here and a lot of electronics like an iPhones worth 6-7k INR! but please don’t fall for it. They will not even last for a month. There are a few good electronic shops outside the market, check those if you want to buy a TV or a speaker.


4. Asiatique Riverfront

Asiatique the riverfront - Bangkok Tour Guide - Amazing Things to do in Bangkok
Asiatique the riverfront – Bangkok Tour Guide – Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

It is a very good place to get a sight of something new and different from the city atmosphere but yes, again shopping area it is.

Along with shopping, you get entertainment as many people are singing and playing instruments around. There is also a deck to enjoy riverfront view along with cafes and a few fun rides. It takes around 30 minutes from Pratunam to reach here. You must visit this place.

Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism
Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism
Asiatique the riverfront - Bangkok Tour Guide
Asiatique the riverfront 

Things are costlier here as compared to the street market. You will find some copies of handbags from luxury brands here.

There are many soi(meaning lanes) here that you might feel lost for a minute, just keep track of the soi number to avoid it. It is a huge place and starts every day at around 5 pm and closes around midnight.

The area near the giant wheel is the area where you will find food stalls, rides, and some games.

To make the place better, they have Mini so – a Chinese shop. It is a place to find good quality cheap products.

Also, there is a big cosmetics shop with branded stuff. Check out this store as they run good offers at times. The store is on my left in the image below. I forgot its name.

Saniya Puri - Asiatique the riverfront
Saniya Puri – Asiatique the riverfront

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5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand
Chatuchak Weekend Market, Thailand

It is a weekend wholesalers market with around 7000 stalls. You will find all kinds of stuff here like furniture, home decor, gardening stuff, cutlery, antiques, pet accessories and much more.

Assuming you stay near Pratunam, it will take around 40 minutes to reach by cab(or by metro) to this market.

Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism
Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism


It is a huge market and it is hardly possible to check out the complete market in a day.

Do bargain and make sure that the products that you are buying are not damaged. Any valuable should definitely be checked for authenticity. You can’t trust the shopkeepers and make sure to take care of your belongings.

It is going to be hot, humid and crowded so come prepared. Wear light clothes and stay hydrated. Do carry cash because ATMs are hard to find.

It is a good place to experience, just choose a good day to reach there. You can opt for a cab to make the trip easy and comfortable otherwise MRT is also an option. But I don’t prefer it as it will be a long and tiring day for you in the market so a headstart with a cab will be better.

On the way to Chatuchak, you will find a wholesale Dog food and accessories shop, do buy stuff for your loved one.

The products like Jerhigh are manufactured in Thailand and are cheaper here (least 33% cheaper as compared to India). Even if you find shops anywhere else during other tours then do check out the stuff if at all you are interested.

In short – dress well, stay hydrated and loaded with cash, bargain well and buy smartly!

6. Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand
Patpong Night Market, Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

It is another daily night market famous for copies of branded products and strip clubs. You will find adult stuff as well here.

The people are rude and especially towards Indians because they feel that Indians bargain too much and eventually don’t buy the product. So if you visit the market then bargain only if you are interested to buy the product. And, bargain reasonably.

They might say stuff behind your back but who cares, right. It is particular to this market and not the entire Bangkok. Otherwise, the market is nice you will find good stuff here.

The shopkeepers will brag that they have A-copies but don’t you believe them. Just check it thoroughly. Carry an image if you are looking for something in particular.

Shopping in Bangkok is not limited to these markets and malls, there are more and I will name some of it for you…

7. Bobe Market

Early morning street market for clothes. It is open every day from 4 am to 7 am. You will find good jeggings and best exchange rate all over the Bangkok here. You will not find any toilet nearby so come prepared.

8. MBK mall

You can find good copies of luxury watches here.

9. Floating Market

The water is not clean and you don’t shop while boating, if at all you have that in your mind because initially, I thought that.

You can go boating if you want, the market is on the sides and there is also a food section, full of non-vegetarian food. The stuff in the market is nothing different from what you will find elsewhere.

10. Central World Mall

 It is a very big mall near the Platinum mall and has a very enticing privilege program for tourists. You will find many brands here to shop from.

If you want to catch a break from all the local stuff then this is the place to be. I don’t think other malls run special offers for tourists like this mall does, so if you are getting rewarded for shopping then why not, Just grab the offer!

11. Terminal 21

This is the one mall that I have not visited in this city before and I am so excited to visit it because of its new concept.

This mall brings the goodness of 8 world class shopping cities right in Bangkok. Tourists can enjoy shopping from more than 600 stores. This is the next thing on my to-do list… Coming soon with more details, stay tuned!  

Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism
Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism

There is no end to this list, shopping is endless in Bangkok. I couldn’t stop writing about malls without mentioning this last one – Siam Paragon Mall, it is one of the biggest malls in Thailand. If you get a chance to visit it then don’t miss it.

Bangkok Attractions

1.Wat Tour

Temple - Bangkok Tour Guide - Amazing Things to do in Bangkok
Buddhist Temple – Bangkok Tour Guide – Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

Wat in the Thai language means Temple and you will find a lot of Buddhist Temples in this country.

This is one temple that is a part of every city tour and has featured in a couple of movies as well. It is pretty and you should take a tour of this place.


Money Tree, Temple
Money Tree, Temple

There are certain religious practices which might be different from what we see in our daily lives.

Like the one we see in this image, people put currency notes on a tree as a donation. The possessor can use it for any purpose from repair work to other charity purposes. The tree is only donated once it is full grew and it is done along with music in the form of a ceremony. 

Shopkeepers keep it for various purposes like charity, repair works and more.

People there believe if they pay for releasing the birds then it brings good luck to them. Basically, it the Karma theory.

Free the birds - Bangkok Tour Guide
Free the birds

2. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is always fun. You get to click a lot of selfies and pose a lot. I haven’t visited this one but I have visited the one in Amsterdam. Have a look!.

Madame Tussauds, Bangkok
Madame Tussauds, Amazing Things to do in Bangkok

The display is in one of the malls. You should buy your tickets online to save some money and time.  You will find statues of people like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Van Diesel, and Narendra Modi. Get ready to pose!

You must visit this one if you haven’t any yet.

3. Safari World ( Safari Park and Marine Park) 

Safari World is a little far from the city center. This attraction will take a complete day, the pick up is one around 8:30 am and drop is around 4:45 pm.

You can check out all the details here. There are various ticket types, a single day pass for both the parks with transfers costs approx INR 2300/person.

Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism
Map of Bangkok, Bangkok Tourism