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“The wise man travels to discover himself.” – James Russell Lowell

Mona Lisa - Saniya Puri
Mona Lisa – Saniya Puri

Hey, I’m Saniya!

I reside in India and love to traverse the globe. I usually travel multiple time a year. I have been to 20 countries and still counting. I organize my trips on my own and put a lot of reviews to help people all over the world. 

My main motivations for writing this blog are to help other travelers, relive my memories, share my experiences, and shine light on all the places for other travel freaks.

I review everything from holiday destinations to airlines, in addition to sharing ways you can make your travels as comfortable as possible.

I put reviews on many platforms like Tripadvisor and even answer questions on Quora. You can find my reviews on various attractions, food joints, and hotels on Tripadvisor here. Follow me on Quora to more about my experiences.

It has been so long organizing my own trips and traveling like a local that I felt a responsibility to help others in traveling better. I will list down all the good things from all over the world for all of you. Feel free to ask questions!

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As they say, experience is the best teacher. Why not learn and benefit from my experiences?

Travel is the one therapy I feel everyone needs to help them overcome their problems … It has worked for me!

You can always earn money, but TRAVEL will help you earn memories!

Travel to enlighten your soul Travel to make long-lasting memories. Travel to live!


Learn about and benefit from my experiences around the globe.